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Replacing your Philips Pronto Remote Controllers

What did the Philips Pronto Remote Controllers Range Deliver?

The Philips Pronto family of controllers was a great range of really flexible, customisable consumer infrared controllers. It served the custom AV installation market with advanced universal control devices.

AV Candy has used Philips Pronto universal controllers in many of our Home Automation installations to control Home Cinema, customised Audio Visual installations, lighting systems and other electronic devices. In fact, many of these Philips universal remote controls are still used by AV Candy customers today, especially the TSU9600, TSU9800 and TSU9400 models with colour display.

What happened to the Philips Pronto Range of Universal Controllers?

In December 2009, Philips announced its intention to relocate some of its existing remote control activities from Leuven, Belgium, to Asia. At the same time, it advised it was looking for ‘alternative strategic options’ for the Pronto line. However, Philips failed to find a suitable partner or buyer and the Philips Pronto line was discontinued with immediate effect in November 2010.

This came as a surprise for many in the Industry, because right up until this date Philips had been showcasing a new Pronto Control Processor iPhone App. Perhaps Philips was simply too slow to address this burgeoning iPhone/ iPad market, which offers a reasonably-priced solution for touch screen remote control with a reasonably-long-lasting battery life.

Your Control Options to replace discontinued Philips Controllers

Of course, the iPad’s flexibility means it can be used to control any customised AV Candy Audio Visual and/or Home Cinema installation. We also have the ability to lock the iPad so it can be used purely as a remote control system for your Audio Visual installation.

Alternatively, there are other dedicated universal controllers that can be configured and deployed if a more specialist controller is desirable. Logitech and One For All offer a value universal control option. Remote Technologies Inc (RTI), Universal Remote Control (URC), Control 4, Creston and AMX all offer advanced control devices, although do not have the advantage of being directly available to end users like the Philips range.

RTI, URC, Control 4, Creston and AMX are available through dealer/ installer only. Of course, we recommend this approach anyway – professional experience when programming these advanced universal controllers is invaluable. AV Candy prefers the advantages the AMX controls deliver, where a locked iPad controller isn’t robust or flexible enough.

Why replace Philips Pronto Controllers?

We’re not actively migrating customers to alternative systems, but we can offer advice to anyone who needs to upgrade or update their Philips Pronto controllers.

Please contact us on 01926 512286 to discuss your options with one of our experienced AV Engineers.

Keys Features of custom Remote Controllers for your Audio Visual Systems

  • One control for many devices, many services – even many rooms!
  • Touch screen controls
  • Wall-mounted keypads or touch panels for basic systems
  • Wireless remote controls with full Meta Data capabilities.
  • Integration into ‘smart home’ control systems, such as lighting control.