AV Candy

The High Performance Alternative to Bang & Olufsen and Bose

High Performance Sound and Vision

Certain manufacturers are renowned for creating luxury AV systems and we’d argue Bose and Bang & Olufsen are two of them.

But although Bang and Olufsen and Bose might have excellent brand credibility, a truly customised and bespoke AV installation will always offer significant advantages over their AV solutions.

The Fully Customisable ‘Smart Home’

AV Candy can install a whole range of ‘smart’ home automation systems which can then be controlled by a single universal controller. Your new system won’t be limited to the high performance AV and Home Cinema installations such as those Bose or Bang & Olufsen supply.

Of course, we do supply the high-performance AV and Home Cinema installations Bose and Bang & Olufsen provide – with the added bonus of custom design and installation tailored to your needs. But, by taking a fully-customisable route, your new system can also include a full range of Home Automation features – your lighting, speakers, air conditioning, curtains, black out blinds, windows, hidden lift TV, or drop-down projector screen.

Limited by Powerlink or Masterlink

In addition to the benefits of greater scope within an AV Candy customised installation, you are also guaranteed an open, easy-to-maintain system and infrastructure. We always aim for maximum transparency with our clients. We will ensure that all AV Candy customers are free to upgrade or replace units over time without being tied to a particular supplier because they’ve committed themselves to a proprietary infrastructure like B&O’s PowerLink or a particular piece of equipment.

Custom Solutions for a Flexible AV Rack

By using a specialist company like AV Candy to manage the installation of your Audio Visual systems, cabling and wireless controls can be optimised to ensure minimum disruption. We also ensure that all cabling runs to a central AV Rack for easier continued maintenance and servicing. As well as centralising equipment to a single location, this makes it much easier to ensure seamless integration of all the various system components or to renew system components with the latest technology when you want to.

B&O Performance but with Greater Flexibility

All the team at AV Candy are strong advocates of a bespoke but open approach to system design and installation. We firmly believe this delivers the best quality sound and vision for all our customers whilst also ensuring the greatest flexibility and the best longevity for the installation.

If you’d like to see how AV Candy’s service compares to Bang & Olufsen or Bose, then please call us on 01926 512 286 to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Audio Visual designers.

AV Candy serve customers around the Midlands and Warwickshire, so if you’re looking for information from the Bang & Olufsen Leamington Spa or Bang and Olufsen Leicester stores, then please do ask us for a comparative quote and recommendation.

Keys Advantages of a fully-customisable high-performance AV system:

  • You’re not tied to a particular manufacturer or components.
  • You can extend the system to include a whole range of home automation solutions.
  • You can match the performance of Bose or Bang & Olufsen whilst tailoring components to suit you.
  • A single, universal controller – not just for your AV and Home Cinema installations but for all your home automation systems.
  • Integration into full house control systems, such as lighting control.
  • Easier and more flexible ongoing service and maintenance.